Buys Cisco Catalyst 3850 Series Switches Selangor

Posted on December 7, 2015 · Posted in Cisco Penang Malaysia, IT Solutions Malaysia News

If you are looking for Ultra High Performance Switches  (Penang and Selangor), you may want to try out Cisco Catalyst 3850 Switches series. With the 10GB and multirack, this allow you to scale up and scale down your investment. For a better understanding about the Catalyst Series, i would recommend you call our Technical Service Centre (tel: 017692 2399) for more information

What is the plus points for the Catalyst 3850 Series

  1. Integrated Wireless Controller
  2. Up to 40GB of wireless capacity per switch
  3. Support up to 100 access points
  4. Up to 2000 wireless clients for each switching entity
  5. Support 802.11 a.c Wave

buy cisco switch selangor

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