IOI Group (Acidchem International Sdn. Bhd.


  • Network too vast and is not equipped with redundancy network link.
  • It is costly to call oversea and the conventional PABX constantly unserviceable.

Solution: CISCO Network /VOIP

  • IPENET implemented new network topology and resolve their network speed and redundancy issues.
  • We Provided IOI both ISP to perform their WAN redundancy, instead of using only TM, we provided TM and Celcom to perform 8M point to point lease line to archive 0 downtime and higher speed on WAN.
  • A Big plant usually face cabling issues,usage of RJ45 and RJ11 cost more hence we propose to use VOIP which benefit on centralize management, cost saving, more feature, easy maintain.

Island Hospital Penang


  • Expired warranty and inefficient performance of the server.
  • A number of server need to be serviced.
  • One server room don’t have DR Center.
  • Upgrade Cabling from Cat5e/Cat5 to Cat6

Solution: Server

  • We assist customer to consolidate the old hardware by using one two Wintel SERVER and one Netapps storage to consolidate from 8 hardware to 3 hardware. Benefit (maintenance cost reduce, full redundancy, Ease of resource allocation.
  • Data center Raise floor, FM200, Water and smoke detector, SMS alert system.
  • We also install Full fiber and Copper cable upgrade for Island Hospital.

KDU College


  • Conventional CCTV solution are not able to monitor thievery of lost belongings of students.

Solution: IP Camera Solutions

  • We have provided KDU a 1.3m IP camera. It is able to perform round the clock monitoring with clear face recognition and it also reduce the problem on conventional cable that need to centralize in a single space and it is hard to managed it while the other one is facing an issue.

Malayan Banking Berhad


  • Support for Windows XP has ceased by Microsoft.

Solution: IP Camera Solutions

  • Facilitate main contractor to migrate aprox. 1000 PC from Windows XP to Windows at Dataran Maybank.
  • We had evaluated around 500 banking application and following the procedure to complete the 1000 PC migration with the given time frame of 3 months.