WFH Stay Safe With The Help Of IPENET

What does your organization need to consider when working from home during COVID-19?

1) Remote access from home with VPN

Most employees are working from home during COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak. VPN solution has become an organization’s backbone. Moving forward, the focus of the organization is security and availability of data.

By enabling multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution we are able to protect VPN accounts from unauthorized access. According to a report by Microsoft in 2019, it is said that enabling an MFA solution for online accounts usually blocks 99.9% of all account takeover (ATO) attacks, even if the attacker has valid credentials for the victim’s account.


2) Protect organization from suspicious email and malware

Many cybercriminals take advantage of COVID-19 news to gain unauthorized access to the organization’s network by phishing emails. Besides, it has come to light that some cartographic websites showcasing the spread of COVID-19 are housing malware into the websites. A series of strategies have to be in place for these security measures. Besides, email can be stored for legal, regulatory, and other reasons.

3) Data protection while working remotely

Employees expose organization devices to a greater risk as they leave the safety and security of the workplace. During work from home, devices need to be protected against loss and theft with options such as:
• Full-disk encryption to ensures that data is not accessible when the device falls into the wrong hands
• Strong and Complexity password policy
• Devices protected by antivirus and anti-ransomware application
• Devices always verify with windows security patches latest updates

4) Protect and handle applications during spikes in traffic

With tens of millions of people #stayathome, what do we do? Go on to the internet, work from home, video conferencing, and distance learning.
Organizations face serious challenges in predicting traffic spikes. Some tools are able to identify hidden patterns and help to prepare for an overwhelming surge in demand before it hits. However, in many cases, traffic spikes are simply random events. The right solutions and strategies can assist to prepare for spikes, even when neglected.

5) Video conference solution for meetings
The epidemic has broadened our view on what it means to be a video communications technology provider in times of need. Many organizations are dealing with how to maintain business continuity while keeping all employees engaged amid the threat of the virus.

One of the advantages of technology is that it keeps the team connected even they are not physically at the same location. This is important when it comes to collaborating and communicating across teams.