Audio Visual, Extra Low Voltage System

AV, ELV systems and IT infrastructure have typically been managed independently inside many organisations. Projectors, displays, audio systems, and video conferencing equipment are common components of AV systems. As part of the ELV portion, security devices, CCTV, Access Control, Door Access, Structure Cabin are also part of the integration. Whereas servers, networks, storage, and software applications make up IT infrastructure.

As an IT Solutions Provider in the market for more than a decade, IPENET Solutions constantly diagnoses and integrates Audio Visual (AV) systems or ELV and technologies with information technology (IT) infrastructure and procedures which are referred as “AV to IT transformation.” It entails utilising networking tools and IT solutions to improve and streamline AV operations within an organisation. The convergence of AV and IT has become crucial due to the quick development of technology and the rising demand for integrated communication and collaboration solutions.

What We Provide ( Digital Transformation)

Digital Transformation brings a plethora of advantages across various domains. In the realm of Audio Visual Systems, it enhances communication and collaboration, fostering seamless interactions. Security Systems undergo a significant boost with advanced digital technologies, ensuring robust protection against threats and unauthorized access.

Server Networks experience heightened efficiency and scalability through digital transformation, optimizing resource utilization and facilitating smoother operations. Storage Devices benefit from increased capacity and accessibility, promoting seamless data management and retrieval. Installation solutions become more streamlined and adaptable, reducing deployment time and costs.

Overall, the integration of these digital technologies results in a more connected, secure, and efficient ecosystem. Audio Visual Systems empower effective communication, Security Systems fortify defenses, Server Networks ensure resource optimization, Storage Devices enable efficient data handling, and Installation Solutions become more agile.