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Conference rooms are the most commonly used area in the organization whose sizes vary to seat from Small (4 to 8 pax), Medium (8 to 16 pax) & Large (above 20 pax). Considering being multi- purpose and functional, the majority SME would go for multiple small conference rooms and 1 to 2 Medium rooms to cater for the multiple meetings of different groups.

Now what is there to consider while setting up a conference room?
Small and medium conference rooms as an example, the most important aspect is simplicity. Where appropriate sized monitor or projection system, reliable audio setup allowing everyone to hear clearly as a quality conference call. Whereas large conference rooms would require further assessment of the organizations needs where Ipenet Solutions Expert would workout the planning and integration.

As an Solutions provider, we have sort to four basic points you should consider while setting up:


Info Description
Display A 50 – 75” monitor would be sufficient. If it goes bigger, it can be overpowering, vice versa if it is too small, it may be hard to see graphics, spreadsheets or even cause the content to be hard to read.

If you intend to go for an update for your small conference room display, a commercial monitor or an interactive monitor would provide a better presentation experience. Not to mention, the latest technology comes with varieties of features included in the touch display monitor with the functions of AI generate notes, Whiteboard, Multi window display etc.

Sound Although the majority of monitors come with the speaker, it provides an adequate level of audio for basic presentations.

A sound bar either above or beneath the monitor depending on the set up, or even a ceiling speaker.

Communication At least a conference style speaker-phone would fulfil the needs.

To reduce the hassle of multiple cables exposed on the table, you may consider upgrading to a wireless or centralized speaker-phone which integrates seamlessly with the multiple virtual meeting platforms such as Webex, Zoom, Skype, Microsoft or google meet.

Connection & Control For a small working team, HDMI connection is the most budget friendly option as simple as plug and play.

Going wireless is the popular AV tech option. A touch screen wall or table panel control would allow you to manage the different components with a simple tap on the screen.

For every upgrade or change, it should be kept in mind that the team needs training. A simple guideline in the room would be a great choice as a reminder for both staff and in-coming clients or guests. Furthermore, assessing the computers and devices to ensure all staff have the correct settings and compatibility before the upgrade.