Automatic Identification and Data Capture Solutions

Automatic Identification and Data Capture Solutions


Ipenet is a technology-driven company that specializes in offering Automated Data Collection (ADC) and tracking solutions. We deliver robust integrated systems integrating mobile devices, ERP integration, and workflow solutions. We have independent divisions specializing in hardware and software solutions.


Our technologies are built around specialized mobile computers, barcode readers, and printers. This allows an enterprise information system to be extended from wired desktop to mobile wireless environments. Therefore, we are here to assist businesses in implementing Auto-ID and barcoding into the process flow while maximizing productivity.


Businesses can track stock from goods-in to dispatch with an easy-to-use and reliable barcoding stock tracking solution. Also, they can experience the speed and accuracy of the barcode reader in monitoring incoming stock, handling position movements, and performing stock checks. On top of that, we provide flexible stand-alone stock control and management software that integrates with your existing IT system, depending on your operational needs.


Asset tracking software helps you to keep track of fixed and loaned properties accurately. Clients can manage internal assets using a simple asset registry, or manage loaned assets using advanced maintenance and call logging features. Businesses such as small businesses, facilities management firms, and repair companies will benefit from this approach.


In Malaysia, several businesses are attempting to transition to a digital workforce since 2019. Thus, businesses will benefit from increased service delivery and wireless processing through mobile devices as the workforce becomes more mobile. We all know that deploying and managing mobile devices can be difficult and time-consuming. So, let’s engage the aid of experts with mobile device management (MDM) solutions to customize to your specific requirements.


The fundament of Automatic Identification (Auto-ID) is the barcode label sticker. We have the products and services of design and print dependable, cutting-edge barcode labels for a broad variety of applications. This can help businesses to save time and money by getting the correct label is important for effective scanning. Furthermore, we supply barcode label creation tools (Seagull Scientific BarTender), custom roll labels, plain paper labels, wireless labels, and ticket and tag printing.


Barcode Scanners & Mobile Computers

Ipenet works with our technology partners to find the best scanner for your business if you are looking to buy or upgrade a barcode scanner or mobile device. For instance, we provide 1D barcode and 2D barcode scanners (DS4608), robust Zebra barcode scanners (DS3608) for warehouse and industrial use, and handheld computers (TC21 or CK65) for flexible data collection.


Label & Card Printers

Ipenet also specializes in the field of barcode printers as we are a leading supplier of Zebra (ZT411 or ZT610) and Honeywell (PM43) barcode printers. We supply and manage printers for any commercial use from warehousing to retail. Our consultants are experts in the various types of industrial barcode label printers available. For example, barcode label printers range from mid-range barcode printers to ID card printers and smartphone printers. Thus, we will assist you in selecting the right printer. Labels are an often-overlooked feature of barcode technology and Auto-id systems. They can have serious implications if they are of low quality or the wrong kind.


Ipenet have been employed in the label and printing industry for over 5 years. We have pioneered many industrial printing processes. Additionally, we offer a wide variety of labels, ranging from standard paper labels to chemical and temperature resistant labels. In conclusion, we will assist you in evaluating the specifications and recommending the required modular, hardware technology, and technical support services.


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