Automatic Identification and Data Capture Solution

Automatic identification and data collection is a method industry used to identify, verify, record, communicate and store information on discrete, packaged or containerized items. Because the process is automated (rather than reliant on pen, paper and people), information is gathered quickly and accurately. The most common technologies used to identify and capture data are barcodes, handheld and fixed-position scanners and imagers, radio frequency identification (RFID) tags and readers, and voice recognition, weighing and cubing devices. Typical applications include receiving and putaway, inventory picking, order fulfillment, determination of weight and volume, and tracking and tracing throughout the supply chain.


We provide a complete Auto-ID and tracking solution to meet our customer tracking requirement. Our in-house software team designs, develops, and deploys the customer AIDC solution, for example, barcode labeling solution, asset tracking, inventory management, warehouse management, RFID solution, and other track and trace solutions.


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