Business Continuity

Business continuity is the ability of an organization to sustain essential business functions during and after a disaster has occurred. The business continuity plan is to prevent disruptions to crucial services and re-establish the full services as quickly and seamlessly as possible, by establishing risk management procedures and processes. We have the expertise to help and improve your organization’s IT business continuity and disaster preparedness.


We provide services to help develop Business Continuity solutions based on three technology foundations:

  • Planning and recovery services
  • High-availability
  • Disaster-recovery systems


Ipenet will design and implement infrastructure solutions that are customizable, scalable and cost-efficient, to ensure the continuity of your critical functions. There are four levels of continuity plan:

Platform-level continuity

The first level begins at the system level, leveraging on in-the-box availability features to help maximize uptime and enable rapid deployment of pre-configured replacement systems.


Data-level continuity

Data availability can be achieved using robust storage systems and technologies that can predict failures and recover information smoothly and accurately after unplanned events.


Application-level continuity

Application continuity is the most significant aspect of protecting end-users from the impacts of system or service failures. Removing single points of failure in the technology infrastructure helps assure that there are always other alternatives for end-user to gain access.


Site-level continuity

Ultimately, any organization must have a plan to build a disaster recovery center.

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