Edge Networking

Dell Edge Gateway 3200 and 5200

The new intelligent Dell EMC Edge Gateways support businesses in connecting OT/IT systems and gaining value from their edge-generated data with no interruptions to their infrastructure. Customers can gather, consolidate, and run quick analysis on the massive amounts of data created by various edge devices using the EGW-3200 and EGW-5200. The edge gateways have a sturdy, fanless design that makes them small enough and durable enough to run continuously, year-round. They have certified and qualified peripherals and are designed as modular systems. These robust platforms offer configurable and OEM-ready alternatives to better meet a variety of industrial demands. They are designed specifically to power real-time insights that can improve productivity, save expenses, and boost performance for your company.


Actionable insights where you need them

Dell EMC Edge Gateways connect your modern sensors and legacy systems to the internet, allowing you to handle data more quickly at the edge, speeding up response times and conserving bandwidth. The most recent Intel SoC processors give you the speed and ability to handle demanding tasks, especially when paired with software that improves automated data curation and analytics capabilities, enabling you to derive useful business-related insights. You can process what is important locally, where and when speed matters, thanks to the new edge gateways.


Uninterrupted performance anywhere, anytime

Ensure that your operations and productivity will improve real-time performance. These gateways, which are designed with an industrial-grade form factor, may be used in a variety of settings without sacrificing energy efficiency. They provide a number of functions that assist you to save money on your operations by lowering power consumption.


  • Intel Atom® and CoreTM processors
  • SO-DIMM for DDR4 memory
  • Rich I/O: DP++, DVI, VGA, GbE, COM, USB, DI/O
  • Security: TPM2.0
  • Rich storage: 2.5″ SATA / M.2
  • Embedded expansion: Mini PCIe/uFM/M.2/USIM
  • (EGW-3200) Optional sensor suite: accelerometer, humidity, pressure, temperature
  • WiFi/Bluetooth

Software Support

  • Win10 LTSC 2019
  • Linux Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

Optional Accessories – Qualified and Certified

  • Expansion modules (mPCIe or uFM) for Isolated COM (RS-232 or RS-422/485), GbE with PoE, GbE LAN, Canbus
  • 4G and 5G modules
  • AC-to-DC adapter

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