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In today’s world, work is not where you go, it’s what you do 98% of all business meetings will have at least one person joining from a home office. 69% say the ability to dictate their own working hours directly affects whether they stay at a job. 4 out of 10 employees say they may leave their jobs if they’re required to return to the office. Explore the technology, perspectives, and individuals who drive small and medium business success. You will experience the outcomes such as:

  • Protect people, devices, and assets anywhere with cybersecurity and physical security.
  • Provide a reliable, secure connection to the network and applications for anyone on your team, anywhere, and at any time.
  • Transform spaces into assets that inform new insights, inspire collaboration and drive efficiencies through automation and analytics.

Work is now something you can accomplish from any place. It is no longer a location you go to. Maybe you’re thinking about switching to a hybrid work model. But what specifically should you look for to correctly set up this new model? Your staff members require a user-friendly, secure collaboration tool that will enable them to be just as effective online as they would be in person. Additionally, a secure network is more important than ever for your company.

Knowing what actions to take in the first place can be intimidating. Use these suggestions as a starting point, then let Ipenet demonstrate how Cisco Hybrid Work Solutions may satisfy all of your requirements while staying within your budget.

Before setting up a hybrid workplace, consider the following important questions:

1. What IT personnel will we require?

You need to be savvy in a small business company. You must have the ability to swiftly set up hybrid work to suit the needs of both your staff and your clients. You don’t have time to make your already hectic days even more complicated. You require solutions that are quick to implement and control while being strong enough to prevent attackers. To work remotely, you don’t need to be a technological guru, but you do need the correct equipment and guidance. Working with one IT provider can give you access to a group of qualified IT experts who can ensure you keep downtime to a minimum, stay safe and compliant, and minimize costs.


2. Will we be secure?

Because networks, systems, and users are constantly under attack, therefore security must be a top priority for every small organization. One data leak might mean the end of your company. In actuality, 60% of small businesses that experience a breach fail within six months. Attackers are getting smarter and more persistent, despite security systems getting better at detecting threats. Your security must cover remote workers’ devices as well.

To find a trustworthy network, look for features like:

  • Allows secures endpoint access to your network
  • Offers easy-to-use management and configuration
  • Verifies the identity of users, devices, and applications to protect your important data
  • Uses cloud-delivered security to protect against threats
  • Can recognize and block cyberattacks


3. Is it easy for teams to communicate?

Any small business has to be able to communicate, and using clunky collaboration tools might make issues worse. While working with teams spread across different regions differs from in-person collaboration, it’s simple if everyone is utilizing the same secure interface. Teams can be very effective when they can collaborate in a variety of ways (phone, video, online, messaging), all in one location. Your online workspace ought to make it simple to:

  • Send and receive messages and files between devices
  • Look around the area for chats and papers
  • Instantly start a group conversation or send a private message to one person.
  • To brainstorm, use a digital whiteboard
  • Start video conferences


4. What network capabilities are most important for our business?

It actually depends on your preferred method of conducting business. Maybe the network you have now isn’t strong enough. And in today’s networked world, a secure network is more important than ever for your company. Maintaining contact with your staff, suppliers, and customers are essential. Are you a digital company that only operates in the cloud? In that case, a cloud-managed, subscription-based networking solution would probably be ideal for your company. Or perhaps you would rather pay for the equipment upfront and handle updates on your own. Just be sure to pick smart products with embedded security and analytics features.


5. How much technical support will we need?

Since employees frequently switch between devices and applications and move on and off the network from various places, the majority of small enterprises have dynamic 24×7 requirements. For the business to continue operating, all of the technology must function. Any time wasted for redesign, integration, or rewiring and cabling means less time for employees to be productive and less money for the company. You can’t afford to accept the risk of a network failure and the ensuing disruption of your operation. Look for products that offer technical assistance and training.

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Working remotely for your small business is simple and affordable with Cisco. Cisco partners have the IT know-how to understand and take care of your unique needs. We can help you find suitable Cisco solutions. With price structures that make sense for your company, networking, security, and collaboration solutions have been designed to be simple to install, administer, and expand. IT is now accessible, flexible, and simple. And the office is anywhere you can log in safely.

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