Over the years, we have helped SMEs and MNCs to build a strong network infra. Network infra is the core and foundation for every manufacturing operation. It enables manufacturers to increase their productivity, reduce downtime, connect their workers in different geographical locations and prepare them to be the factory of the future. Among the projects we have implemented before were:

  • Install VOIP to replace the conventional PABX
    • Reduce phone bills for long distance calls
    • Increase collaboration opportunity between employees
  • Design and implement new network topology
    • Improve network speed with redundancy
  • Manage and maintain network infra
    • Ensure uptime 99.9%
    • Customer IT team no longer focusing on technical support but on strategic planning instead
  • Install point-to-point lease line
    • Increase WAN speed plus redundancy
  • Provide AIDC for Warehouse operation
    • Design and install network infra for the warehouse area
    • Supply barcode reader and printer


We have a strong presence in the Northern region’s healthcare industry especially the hospitals. Optimizing the IT operation have helped the hospitals to enhance their clinical and business operations too. Improved healthcare processes have led to better patient engagement and satisfaction. Among the projects we have implemented before were:

  • Consolidate servers and storage
    • Reduce operation cost and footprints
  • Upgrade data center infra – raised the floor, water, and smoke detection, alert system
    • Protect IT investments
  • Replace existing UTP and fiber cabling
    • Ensure full connectivity and uptime


We understand the importance of solid IT infra in the education sector. The students now learning from anywhere, on any devices. Hence, we helped the colleges and universities to provide the best facilities for their students and educators. Among the projects we have implemented before were:

  • Install a CCTV camera with clear face recognition
    • Reduce theft incidents among the students
  • Install and maintain end-point antivirus
    • Detect threats and clean infections

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